The Robinsons loyalty program (the “Loyalty Program”) has been introduced by Robinsons General Trading LLC, a company incorporated under the laws of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, having its registered offices at PO Box 7976, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Al Futtaim Retail Co LLC, a company incorporated under the laws of Saudi Arabia, having its registered offices at Po Box 23333 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (together “Robinsons”). The Loyalty Program is applicable to Robinsons’ department stores in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the “Robinsons Stores”).

This Loyalty Program allows Loyal Customers (as defined below) to accumulate points on purchases made at Robinsons Stores. Loyal Customers are entitled to benefit from various offers and promotions depending on the number of points accumulated.

There are two tiers available as part of the Loyalty Program:

The Robinsons White Diamond tier (the “White Diamond Tier”)

The Robinsons Black Diamond tier (the “Black Diamond Tier”)


1. Eligibility for the Loyalty Program:

To register for the Loyalty Program, customers must complete a registration form. Subject to Robinsons accepting a customer into the Loyalty Program, by completing the registration form and/or otherwise acknowledging acceptance of these terms in writing or electronically, each customer agrees to be bound by these terms.

Robinsons reserves the right to make a final decision to enter a customer into the Loyalty Program. Without limiting this right:

Cards are strictly reserved to customers who have a physical address in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the “Territory”).

If a customer is under the age of 18, written authorisation from his/her parent or legal guardian is required as a pre-condition to subscription. Robinsons employees are not eligible to participate to the Loyalty Program.

Each customer is entitled to subscribe to one single Loyalty Card in the Territory. Robinsons reserves the right to request at any time documentation to verify the identity of a customer who wishes to subscribe to the Loyalty Program.

Robinsons will issue a physical card and digital card (the “Card”) linked to a membership number (the “Card Number”) to customers who successfully subscribe to the Loyalty Program (each a “Loyal Customer”). All contact and other information provided by Loyal Customers must be complete, accurate, legible and up to date in order to benefit from the Loyalty Program. Information provided may be updated in-store, or by visiting the website www.robinsons.me. Robinsons is not responsible for non-receipt by a Loyal Customer of a Card or an offer or promotion due to outdated or incorrect information.

2. Conditions for Obtaining a White Diamond Tier Card:

To be eligible for a White Diamond Tier Card a customer must make a purchase in a Robinsons store for an amount which exceeds AED1000.

3. Conditions for Obtaining the Robinsons Black Diamond Card:

To be eligible for a Black Diamond Tier Card, a Loyal Customer must accumulate fifteen thousand (15,000) points on his/her Robinsons White Diamond Tier Card within a twelve (12) month period (hereinafter referred to as the “Eligible Black Diamond Customer”). Once the Eligible Black Diamond Customer is a Black Diamond Card member, he/she may present either his/her physical card or give his/ her Card Number to avail of Black Diamond Tier benefits in stores and with any external partners of the Loyalty Program.


Each Loyalty Card is personal to the relevant Loyal Customer and cannot be transferred to or used by any other person.

The avail the benefits offered in connection with a Loyalty Card, the Card Number must be provided while purchasing eligible products at Robinsons Stores.

A Loyal Customer must use his/her Loyalty Card in strict compliance with these terms.

All gifts and other benefits provided in connection with the Loyalty Program are subject to availability. Any voucher connected to the Loyalty Program which is damaged, scratched, torn or is in bad condition may be refused by Robinsons at Robinsons’ sole discretion. In no event may any voucher be transferred or exchanged against cash.


As part of the Loyalty Program, Robinsons will collect personal data about each Loyal Customer including his or her name, postal and billing addresses, email address(es), phone number(s), date of birth, gender, and transaction information, including the in-store and online purchases he or she earns points for and how he or she uses those points. This information will be used by Robinsons in order to enable Robinsons to provide the Loyalty Program, including:

Keeping track of the Loyal Customer’s purchase records;

Allocating points according to those purchase records;

Providing the Loyal Customer with relevant marketing communications (including by email, post, telephone, SMS, or online advertising), relating to products and services offered by Robinsons and its affiliates, suppliers and partners;

Profiling the Loyal Customer’s preferences so that Robinsons may tailor its products and services to better serve all customers throughout the Territory.

Robinsons may from time to time, share such information with consultants, agents, advisers and affiliated companies within the Territory for the purposes mentioned above, to comply with applicable laws or the requirements of any public authority, if Robinsons needs to share personal information in order to establish, exercise or defend its legal rights, and/or to any organisation to whom we sell or transfer (or enter into negotiations to sell or transfer) any of our businesses or any of our rights or obligations under the Loyalty Program.

Robinsons will retain personal information and other records for as long as required to provide the Loyalty Program, to provide the other relevant products or services anticipated by these Terms, including keeping Loyal Customers up-to-date with our marketing and to comply with applicable record retention legal requirements. When deciding how long to keep a Loyal Customer’s personal information after the membership has ended, Robinsons takes into account its legal obligations and regulators’ expectations.

Loyal Customers who wish to have access to, amend or delete any data relating to him/her, may do so in-store, or by visiting the website www.robinsons.me. However, Robinsons will retain and use Loyal Customers’ personal information to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations and resolve disputes.

Further details on how Robinsons deals with any data collected via our digital channels can be found in our Privacy & Security Policy at https://www.robinsons.me/en/robinsons/Privacy-Cookies.


1. Benefits for Holders of a White Diamond Tier Card:

The White Diamond Tier Card allows a Loyal Customer to access the Loyalty Program and to earn and accumulate points while purchasing products in Robinsons Stores.

Once activated, points will accumulate on the White Diamond Tier Card when the Card Number is presented upon purchasing products in Robinsons Stores. One point will accumulate for every:

one (1) United Arab Emirate Dirham (AED) spent on purchases in the United Arab Emirates

one (1) Saudi Riyals (SAR) spent on purchases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Subject to sections 8 and 9, the White Diamond Tier Card is active for life, and membership can only be canceled at the request of the Loyal Customer.

2. Benefits for Accumulating Points on a Black Diamond Tier Card:

The Black Diamond Tier Card also allows a Loyal Customer to access the Black Diamond Card Program and to earn and accumulate points while purchasing eligible products in Robinsons stores.

Black Diamond Tier Card members will receive a “welcome email” along with a list all exclusive privileges.The Black Diamond Tier Card is valid for a 1 year period commencing on the date the Loyal Customer accumulates 15,000 points. If a Loyal Customer who holds a Black Diamond Tier Card, does not accumulate a further 15,000 points over this period, he/she will be downgraded automatically to a White Diamond Tier Card.

3. Common Provisions to both White Diamond Tier and Black Diamond Tier:

The points accumulated on a Card cannot be transferred from a Loyal Customer to any other person or be exchanged for cash.

Robinsons reserves the right to deduct the points credited to a Loyal Customer’s Card if the products in relation to which the points were awarded are subsequently returned or exchanged.

The number of points accumulated on a Card can be checked by the Loyal Customer:

By asking a cashier at a Robinsons Store;

By calling our customer care line;

Benefits offered to a Loyal Customer may vary depending on the information supplied by him or her due to the fact that some benefits can only be communicated via certain means (email or SMS). During sales and promotional periods, Loyal Customers can accumulate points but may not be permitted to redeem points on discounted merchandise.


Loyal Customers may be sent communications by email, sms, post, telephone or online advertising, relating to products and services offered by Robinsons and its affiliates, suppliers and partners. In the event a Loyal Customer no longer wishes to receive such communications, he/she is entitled to unsubscribe on-line.


Robinsons may modify these terms at any time in its sole discretion. Robinsons may inform Loyal Customers of changes to these terms via mail, email and/or at Robinsons.me. Loyal Customers should regularly check the website (www.robinsons.me) for the latest version of these terms.

Robinsons reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the Loyalty Program for any reason at any time. In the event that Robinsons decides to terminate the Loyalty Program, each Loyal Customer will be informed by means of the contact information supplied by him/her. The Loyal Customer will then have thirty (30) days to redeem any benefits, following which accumulated points will be lost.

To the maximum extent permitted by law: (i) all conditions and warranties, whether expressed or implied and whether arising under legislation or otherwise, as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of the Loyalty Program and any products or services gifted or purchased under or in connection with it are expressly excluded, and (ii) Robinsons has no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, costs or liability arising from any Loyal Customer’s use of a Card or participation in the Loyalty Program, or any other act or omission arising as a result of the these terms or arising out of the Loyalty Program. If a Loyal Customer is dissatisfied with the Loyalty Program, his or her sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue his/or her membership.


Robinsons reserves the right to suspend a Loyalty Card or to permanently disable a Loyalty Card and cancel the benefits related to such Loyalty Card without any liability or obligation to pay compensation to a Loyal Customer in the event a Loyal Customer breaches these terms or otherwise uses the Card in a way which harms Robinsons in its sole discretion. Examples of conduct which could lead to suspension or cancellation include, without limitation:

fraud, attempted fraud or theft by a Loyal Customer in any Robinsons Store; or

misuse of a Card by the Loyal Customer; or

conduct by the Loyal Customer that is likely to disrupt the operation of the Loyalty Program or the operation of any Robinsons Store; or

an abnormally high number of transactions being made on the Card on the same day and/or consecutive days; or

default in payment which has not been remedied by the Loyal Customer within one (1) month following the notification from Robinsons.

Any Loyal Customer who requires Robinsons to delete his/her data from Robinsons’ database must surrender his/her Card and will lose any points accumulated on that Card.

In the event a Loyal Customer does not use his/her Card for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months, Robinsons may deactivate the Card and the accumulated points will be lost. Robinsons will notify the Loyal Customer that his/her Card has been deactivated and if he/she does not use his/her Card within thirty (30) days following such notification, the Card will be deactivated permanently.

All physical Cards remain the property of Robinsons and must be returned upon request.


If a Loyal Customer’s physical Card is lost or stolen, the Loyal Customer must inform Robinsons by contacting Robinsons at the following link: https://www.robinsons.me/FooterContactUs?catalogId=3074457345616678218&langId=-1&storeId=715838034

In the event a Card is reported as lost or stolen, Robinsons will issue the Loyal Customer a replacement Card that can be collected in-store. Any previously accumulated points on the lost/stolen Card will be transferred to the replacement Card.


For any question about the Loyalty Program, our customer care line is available to UAE customers. Please call 800 67667 from 10am to 10pm, all week. You can also contact us at https://www.robinsons.me/FooterContactUs?catalogId=3074457345616678218&langId=-1&storeId=715838034


These terms are governed by the laws of Dubai and the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates. In the event of any dispute, Robinsons and each Loyal Customer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Emirate of Dubai.